Book a trial flying lesson from Goodwood in a microlight

Start your flying journey from Goodwood aerodrome with Sportair Microlights. Our aircraft and our instructors are available throughout the year and ready to take you from never having flown to qualifying for your NPPL(M) licence allowing you to fly microlights with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 600 kg. Whether you are located in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire Goodwood is a great location with easy access, nestled in the heart of the South Downs.

Why get a trial flight from Sportair Microlights

  • The average UK course duration is 55 hours according to the BMAA. We have been helping students complete their licence (including radio telephony licence) in 35 hours.
  • To achieve the minimum 25 hours course completion, it can be done with one or two lessons per week.
  • We have four committed instructors with a combined teaching experience of 155 years!
  • In the UK one in forty National Pilots Licences which are issued each year  are gained at Sportair each year.
  • The average starting age is 45 years - never think it’s too late!
  • We have two resident examiners available to advise on your training and application.
  • Easy to access location and an airfield with great facilities.
  • Great instructor and aircraft availability.
  • Our training aircraft is a Comco Ikarus C42B - a robust, safe and comfortable aircraft that’s clean and well maintained locally including being hangared.

How much does a trial flight cost?

Our current hourly rate is £152 per hour as of August 2023. We offer two types of trial flight:

  • 30 mins at £85
  • 60 mins at £150
  • 90 mins at £250

All trial flight lessons can be counted towards your licence too.

Are you part of Goodwood Flying Club?

Sportair Microlights are a completely separate flying school and club run by completely separate people. We are located at the north end of the airfield in the Sportair Cabin that overlooks the runways. You do not need to be a member of the Goodwood Aero Club to enjoy flying from Goodwood with Sportair Microlights. Because we operate different aircraft our costs are markedly lower too. We are a relaxed bunch interested in getting people their wings for fun!

Can I bring friends and family along?

Absolutely! They are welcome to take photos and enjoy the scenery and club facilities while you or your friend/family member enjoy their flight. Once you have made your booking we’ll provide you with all the details you’ll need for the day.

How do I book a trial flying lesson?

To book, call us on 07813 889 550 and we’ll arrange payment. If you are booking a voucher for a trial flight or flying experience we’ll also take your address and pop that in the post to you. When you are ready to book, give us a call and we’ll arrange that for you over the phone!

You can find out more about learning to fly microlights with Sportair here. Alternatively, feel free to join us at our ‘flying club cabin’ on the north side of Goodwood Aerodrome for a chat (please give us a call first to make sure someone is around to chat with you! 07813 889 550)

Please note there are several restrictions to flying microlights:

  • The weight limit on our aircraft is 90 kg fully clothed
  • The minimum age for flying with us 12 years old
  • Friends and family are welcome at our flying club
  • Flying experiences and vouchers (including for trial flights) are valid for 12 months
  • Flying experiences and vouchers (including trial flights) are valid for a single person
  • All flights are subject to weather conditions and may be postponed at short notice (but rearranged)
  • Once you have booked and have your voucher, simply call us to arrange a time and date for your trial lesson flight.
  • You can take your trial flight all year round weekdays or weekend