Our fixed-wing microlight fleet

At Sportair Microlights you get access to arguably two of the best microlight aircraft in the world. We provide flying training on the excellent Comco Ikarus C42 and once you have passed you can convert onto the speedy, modern Eurofox. Both aircraft have tricycle undercarriage, and the EuroFox is rated for the new higher maximum take-off weight (MTOW). These aircraft are available for you to hire as a member of Sportair Microlights at very competitive rates and at a much lower rate than Part 21 aircraft.

The Comco Ikarus C42

A staple in the world of microlight training, the Comco Ikarus is designed, manufactured and built in Germany. There are several variants of the Ikarus C42, ours in the ‘B’ variant and it came straight from the factory. The C42 is a stable, comfortable and solid platform for touring, local jaunting and most importantly flying training. Its flying characteristics are ‘well mannered’ and the aircraft is easy to fly and excellent for beginners. It’s rated up to 472.50 kg and ours has a Rotax 912UL onboard with an average fuel burn of 12 litres an hour. It can carry about 60 litres of fuel and has a roomy cockpit with great views out the front and sides. It’s very comfortable to pilot and has an average cruise speed of 70 knots. It also has a ballistic parachute fitted.

Ikarus C42 Interior cockpit
Ikarus C42 interior rear facing

The Aeropro Eurofox

Manufactured and factory built in Slovakia by Aeropro, there are hundreds of Eurofox microlights the world over. They are available in several different configurations including tail-wheel or tricycle undercarriage alongside various Rotax engines. They provide excellent all-round visibility to both pilot and passenger and are comfortable to fly. The ‘flaparons’ provide excellent agility and its sleek design and lightweight build make it quick too. With a Rotax 912UL onboard ours cruises at 80 to 90 knots, quite a bit quicker than the C42. It can hold 80 litres of fuel and with an average of 12 litres an hour fuel burn that means over 6 hours of flying. That’s over 600 miles you can cover in one trip. That will take you from Canterbury to Penzance and back! Plus that means 100 kg of crew in each seat, full fuel and enough room for 18 kg of baggage too! They have a low stall speed and work great as a tourer with the 560kg limit and as a farm strip hopper.

Eurofox interior cockpit
Eurofox interior rear facing

Conversion to the Eurofox

Once you complete your NPPL course you have the option of converting onto the Eurofox which we highly recommend. To do this you’ll need around 2 hours of difference training with an instructor. You’ll be shown the characteristic differences in handling including flying speeds, circuits and stalling. Once your instructor is confident you are good to go, you’ll be free to hire and fly it.

If you already have an NPPL and are looking to expand your flying experience to the EuroFox, we can provide you with differences training to bring you up to speed on the aircraft. We have had new members joining our flying club just because they want access to the faster, more flexible EuroFox.

If you want to find out more about converting to the Eurofox and joining us give us a call on 07813 889 550 or drop us an email.