Built in Germany, the Icarus C42 is constructed out of aluminium, carbon fibre and synthetic materials. They are designed and constructed to the very highest aeronautical standards, are immensely strong, rugged and fly superbly. Taking off in as little as fifty metres, then climbing away at over one thousand feet a minute. Stall speeds are around 38 knots, cruise 85-90 knots, and they can land in really tiny spaces, great for farm strip flying. Excellent visibility allows you and your passenger an outstanding view of the world below.


This is the fun flying future. A superb aircraft offering unparalleled safety, soaring over the Sussex countryside, or venturing further afield, Le Touquet in France is just a short flight away. Share your enjoyment with family and friends. It is great fun, challenging and very satisfying. Some of our members are now moving on to an Airline career!


The British Microlight Association represents all Microlight flying in the UK, and they are designated by the Civil Aviation Authority the over seer of certification, maintenance and licensing. The minimum course the BMAA recommend is 25 hours of flying, and this includes all dual training and cross country flying too and some solo flying. However this comes with limitations and we recommend you train for the National Private Pilots Licence Microlights and this realistically will be a minimum of 32 hours of flying instruction of which 22 hours are dual, with an instructor, and ten hours are solo. Two skills tests must be taken; one is a Navigation Flight Test, and the other the General Flight Test. In addition to this you will take 7 ground exams and one radiotelephone exam which you will complete at various stages of your training.

We recommend your book a trial lesson first. Find out more about Trial Lessons here.


  • Aviation Law
  • Aircraft Technical
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Flight Performance
  • Radiotelephony both written and oral

These subjects are all self-study, but we are here to help you at all times.


The charges for the C42 are £139/ hour and times are taken from the Hobbs meter. This includes all instruction, home based landing fees, apart from the written tests and final flight tests there should be no further charges. (Landing fees at other airfields are not included). The monthly membership fee is £45 and this should be paid by standing order on the first of every month. Six months minimum membership applies. Once you have your licence, self fly hire is available at £109/ hour, and you may take the aircraft away for touring etc. France is only an hour away!