Flying experiences in a Microlight at Goodwood Aerodrome

Starting from £85, you can experience the beauty of the south coast of England from the air.  From the local natural harbours of Chichester, the surrounding areas of Goodwood, and over to Arundel Castle via the stunning South Downs - you will see castles, forts, local towns, rivers and harbours, all set in the rolling lush countryside of Sussex and Hampshire.  With our pleasure flights from Goodwood Aerodrome in our superb fixed-wing closed cockpit microlight aircraft, you’ll be able to see all these areas not only comfortably but also with the unique perspective that only flying above these places can offer.

What can you expect from your flying experience?

You’ll join your pilot for a short brief and decide where you would like to go and things you would like to see.  Then after a safety brief, you’ll be taken to the aircraft and shown around it before being securely strapped in, ready to fly! As you taxi across the grass at the legendary Goodwood Aerodrome, you might spot a Spitfire or two before taking off.

With your pilot pointing out the sights, you can take as many photos and videos as you like. You might even get the chance to have a go at flying the aircraft yourself! 

To finish off your flying experience, you will return to Goodwood for a gentle touchdown before returning to the SportAir cabin. Here you’ll do the obligatory ‘Top Gun’ pose for photos before rejoining friends and family to tell them all about the trip. We are confident it will take days before you stop smiling and come back down from the clouds!

Pleasure flights across the south coast

Where would you like to fly to and what would you like to see? From 30 minute air experiences to a land away at the Isle of Wight for lunch, choose one of our pleasure flights by duration. Our pilots are always happy to discuss with you where you would like to go and what you would like to do, providing time permits. Perhaps a flight around the Isle of Wight or a trip to Portsmouth to see the aircraft carriers? Maybe you fancy a trip along the beach to Brighton? What would you like to see from the air?

The BADER Package - 30 mins - £85

Our Biggles package gives you 30 minutes flying time in one a microlight. See Chichester cathedral from the air, fly along to Arundel Castle following the River Arun back to Littlehampton before turning west along the coast and back to Goodwood. If there is something else you would like to see, providing it can be done within your 30 minutes flying time (from take off to landing), then we will be happy to accommodate as much as possible.


The Victory package lets you take to the Sussex skies for a whole hour from take off to landing. Take off from Goodwood before heading over the natural harbours of Chichester, over the Wittering beaches to watch the sunbathers before heading onto Portsmouth. There you'll see the Solent, the Isle of Wight, Spinnaker Tower and the Aircraft Carriers (if they are in port). Of course, if there is somewhere else you want to go or something you would like to see, let us know and providing we can do it within the time you have, we are happy to accommodate any requests. You'll get lots of chances to enjoy the scenery, take photos and video before returning to Goodwood Aerodrome to share the experience (and the many photos!) with friends and family over a coffee.


The Amelia Earhart package gives you an hour and half in the air from take off to landing. Join your pilot in the cockpit of a Microlight at Goodwood Aerodrome, take off and head over towards Portsmouth. On your way you'll see Chichester cathedral from the air and the picturesque Chichester harbour before seeing the Spinnaker Tower. If they're in port you might see the Aircraft Carriers too before heading across the water to Cowes on the Isle of Wight (no need for life jackets and we take the shortest route across the water). From there you'll fly around the island taking in the stunning views of St Catherine's Point, The Needles and stunning cliffs. With a camera or phone now full or beautiful pictures and videos destined for an envious audience on Facebook or Instagram we'll fly you back to Goodwood to land.


If you are looking for something more than 1.5 hours, then the Biggles package is for you. Your choice of how long you would like with prices starting from £300 for 2 hours. Starting from the stunning Goodwood Aerodrome you can choose where you fly to and providing we can do it within the time you would like (and other factors such as airspace restrictions) we are happy to accommodate. Perhaps you would like a fly out to the Isle of Wight for coffee and cake? A flight along the coast to see the cliffs at Dover or a flight to an airfield in Hampshire?

Your airborne chariot

The aircraft you (or your lucky chosen one!) will be flying in, is called the Ikarus C42;  an excellent, efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly and safe fixed-wing microlight, even fitted with a ballistic parachute, that likes to cruise slowly and gently.  It’s a superb way to enjoy fabulous views in comfort.  Our aircraft are kept clean, stored in a hangar and well-maintained by fully qualified aircraft inspectors. 

Who you will be flying with

Our pilots are all fully qualified instructors, you’ll be in perfect company. Not only are they highly experienced but they know Goodwood and the local area very well, so they all make great tour guides!

Some of the great views you'll enjoy

This is just a small sample of some of the views and incredible vistas you could be enjoying when you book a pleasure flight with us!

Flying restrictions and things to know before booking

  • The weight limit on our aircraft is 90 kg fully clothed
  • The minimum age for flying with us 12 years old
  • Friends and family are welcome at our flying club
  • Flying experiences and vouchers are valid for 12 months
  • Flying experiences and vouchers are valid for a single person
  • All flights are subject to weather conditions and may be postponed at short notice (but rearranged)
  • Once you have booked and have your voucher, simply call us to arrange a time and date for your experience flight.
  • You can take your flying experience all year round weekdays or weekend

How to book your flight experience

To book, call us on 07813 889 550 and we’ll arrange payment. Alternatively, explore the options above then give us a call and let us know which exciting option you’d like to choose!