Frequently Asked Questions


Who maintains the aircraft?

The C42 is maintained by G.S. Aviation who have over 30 years of experience in Microlights maintenance, performed to the highest standards.

Is there a weight limit?

Currently, the C42, like all microlights, is limited to a max take off weight of 472kgs, however, this is under review, with the likelihood this will be changed to 600kgs by the end of 2019. We are one of the very few operators in the U.K. with a C42 modified to go to this new limit.

Do I need a medical?

As stated, you can do this online with the CAA. Please see the Links section.

I have limited mobility, is it still possible to learn to fly?

Yes, depending upon your mobility, we can help you to gain your licence. Entry and exit to and from the aircraft is relatively straightforward. We are arranging for the installation of a hand control kit, and have one student starting with us this Spring. She has already completed eleven hours of training with another school and has decided to join SportAir to complete her course. You will be taught to the highest standards as anyone else.

Is there an age limit?

No there isn't. But 14 is a good starting age!

Who conducts the flying tests?

We do this in house with our approved instructors. It’s all very relaxing and we won’t put you up for the test until we are fully satisfied that you will pass.

Are Microlights safe?

The safety record is excellent, and this is based on both a high standard of training and good aircraft design. Our C42 also has a ballistic parachute which will lower the entire aircraft gently to the ground.

What about landing fees?

We are fortunate in that all landing fees at Goodwood are included in our rates, these can add up rapidly at other clubs.

I already have a PPL, can I fly your Microlight?

Yes, you just require differences training, which we will arrange. Flying in the C42 counts towards your SEP Group A recency flying.

Can I really become a pilot?

There is a lot to learn, but we make the whole experience fun and hugely enjoyable. The sense of achievement on gaining your licence is second to none.

Can my family and friends come along too?

Yes of course, we have a small club house with an honour bar! Children are welcome, dogs too, but they must be kept on a lead, not the kids, well perhaps them too!

Any questions at all, just give us a ring or email us and we will be pleased to help.

Useful Links

The following are just two of a vast number of potential sites you can navigate through, the most important is the British Microlight Association. You will need to join this during your course as they oversee the entire Microlight world here in the U.K. Full details on medical requirements with Links to the appropriate sections within the Civil Aviation Authority website, if you still have any questions we will of course be delighted to help!


The second is the U.K. MetOffice site. This is something you will get used to checking every time you fly!