SportAir was established in 2014 by husband and wife team, Kimberly and Richard Sims, based at Goodwood. Both have extensive aviation backgrounds, Richard started flying lessons at Goodwood at the tender age of fourteen and is currently a 747 Captain with BA, Kimmy began her career as cabin crew and ended up as a Cabin Service Director with BA. Initially they commenced operations with one Piper Tomahawk, and have gradually grown their fleet of aircraft to include two Robin DR400 tourers, and an American Aviation Super Decathlon Aerobatic two seater. In 2018, they decided to move into the Microlight world and set up SportAir Microlights alongside their existing flying club, with the aim to offer the finest training in the country. With this in mind a Comco Icarus C42 was ordered new from the factory in Germany and this is based at Goodwood. With their team of highly experienced instructors they offer a personalised training course which will enable you to gain your licence and then fly throughout the UK and most parts of Europe.


Many of you will have seen delta shaped flying wings soaring over the Sussex countryside, with a two seat pod hanging beneath powered by some very sophisticated engines. The original hang gliders, which these were developed from have progressively been matured into today’s flexwing high performance Microlights. Conceived by pioneers such as Gerry Breen who was the first person in the UK to attach a motor to a hang glider and who crossed the Chanel. In 1975, these latest machines offer extraordinary open air thrills and have a good cruise performance and are capable of covering substantial distances. However, not everyone enjoys the motorbike style of these aircraft, and very quickly, using modern materials, designers came up with what is called the three axis Microlight. Essentially they are like light aircraft, but much lighter and are built using an advanced structure which is both easy to build, maintain and operate. With the introduction of the outstanding Austrian built Rotax four cylinder boxer engine, over 40,000 have been built, the Microlight world leapt forward and one of the best with an extraordinary safety record, and holder of many world records, is the C42. Some have flown to Cape Town and back. They offer an enclosed cockpit, heaters (!), the latest radios and transponders and can cruise at nearly 100 mph, all in complete comfort. They look and are, real aeroplanes.